Happy Harry Potter Movie Month!

Do you love Harry Potter? Are you a little bummed that ABC Family, now Freeform, no longer plays Harry Potter marathons? Me, too! Let’s work out our feels!

i workout so i climb the stairs at hogwarts


Now get your Harry Potter gear on and let’s do this workout!

training for the triwizard tournament


get down like a gryffindor

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50 Jumprope
-standing straight, jump whenever the rope comes in front of you.

10 Jumping Jacks
-standing up straight, when jumping leap hand at top.

10 Air Squats
-standing straight, bend your knees into a seated position, and stand up straight.

sweat like a slytherin

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20 Lunges
-standing up straight, move one leg in front of your body and bend your knees to for two right angles. Repeat with the opposite leg.

10 Plank Arm Extensions
-in plank position, keep your core tight, and extend one arm. Repeat with the opposite arm.

10 Mountain Climbers
-in push up position, bring your knee in to your chest. Repeat with other knee.

hustle like a hufflepuff

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:20 second of work
:10 seconds of rest

Russian Twist
-grab a weight, kettlebell, or medicine ball and while your back is at a 45* angle and your legs are in the air, twist side-to-side.

V Crunches
-lay down with your back flat on the floor and, using your core, lift your legs and torse to meet inthe center.

Flutter Kicks
-while laying down, have your hands by your side, and lift your legs while simultaneously fluttering them.

run like a ravenclaw


Run/Jog/Walk for 30 minutes or more to get some cardio training into your plan!

do you even leviosa?

Now that you’ve demolished the workout, get out there and win house points! Go chase that snitch!


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