Think Well: Books Of Summer ’16

Do you like reading?

I do, too. This summer I read some books, and by “read”, I mean that I may or may not have finished it.

counting with/contando con frida


Counting With/ Contando Con Frida

Love the Spanglish action going on here! You learn how to count and say “one blue house” in Spanish!

good night california


Good Night, California

If you enjoy California adventures and want to show a little person the many landmarks you two can visit, grab this one!

vader’s little princess


Vader’s Little Princess

Star Wars nerd?! Here’s a look into the background story of our favorite rebel spy and her dad! You know before she hits puberty and he blows up her home planet.

so far from god








So Far From G-d  is written by Xicanisma Bad Ass Ana Castillo and you should all read it. I actually finished this book and some elements that kept me attached to the story were the spiritual mysticism, sisterly bonds, and real descriptive imagery. Castillo makes your heart ache for Loca, Fe, Esperanza, and Caridad as they each live out their tragedy while still thinking about how hot it is in Tome. Spoiler alert? Well, I won’t tell you how it ends. It’s just hot as hell, there.

harry potter and the cursed child








So I haven’t read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet and I apologize to myself for that. J.K. Rowling deserves my time even though I’ve already read a ton of spoilers on Reddit. I’ve shared too much!



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