Eat Well: Taps & Tapas 2016


This year I was lucky enough to go to Taps & Tapas put on by the Whittier Uptown Association. Check out what I ate, what I drank, and who I met!

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First Thing’s First

What did i eat?!

This is not the order I ate everything in at Taps & Tapas, but these tapas are from Whittier restaurants that I already love, have yet to try, and will be visiting soon!

agua-chile-michelada-off-the-hook Off the hook fish grill

I’ve never been to Off The Hook, but I will be going now after having their agua chile  with calamari & tomatillo salsa and michelada.



the commoner

I love coming to The Commoner to try Chef JC’s weekly specials! This tuna ceviche was a special a few weeks ago and I’m so glad to see it make another appearance in my tummy!  They also had pork & grits but I didn’t get to try it. *insert sad face*

The knotted apronesquite-the-knotted-apron

The Knotted Apron is the contemporary cooking school of Whittier! I haven’t been to one of Chef George’s cooking classes yet, but if he can teach me how to make bomb esquite, I’m there!


forkin’ good cafesteak-salad-forkin-good-cafe

I love Chef Denise’s food at Forkin’ Good because not only is the food nutritious and full of nourishment, it’s also forkin’ good! Here she put together her signature garden salad with a raspberry vinaigrette and steak.

peanut-caramel-pretzel-brownieauntie’s bakery

Auntie’s Bakery isn’t even open yet and I already know I’m going to have a problem. My friend Sara and I probably went back to their booth 4 times for those peanut caramel brownies! Find them on Friday’s at the Farmer’s Market on Philadelphia & Bright!


vegan-menudo-the-6740The 6740

Okay, first of all…VEGAN MENUDO?! I am intrigued, tell me more! The caldo is usually known for it’s pork or according to my dad, pata! I was told that there’s pieces of soy in the soup, I got a mushroom, and the vegetable based broth is made overnight in-house at The 6740. They only offer this vegan specialty on Saturdays & Sundays. They also have buffalo cauliflower bites! Can’t wait to try them!


Where else can you find amazing oysters at such a good deal for happy hour? Portsmouth! I also like how they call their calamari ceviche “bruschetta” because they substituted the octo for the tomato. So good!

Colonia PublicaFideo-Colona-Publica

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of fideo from Chef Ricardo Diaz’s Colonia Publica! For the event he presented traditional fideo wit a black bean puree, sour cream, cilantro chutney, and chicharron cracklings! I’m still dreaming of this fideo!

T&L Pollos

I have never been to T&L Pollos but I will be stopping by! Your girl loves tacos, so it was only appropriate I make my own! They had a taco bar so I got a tortilla, got some shredded kitchen, added pico de gallo, salsa verde, and lime. They offer catering services, too! Hmm…

WHat did i drink?!


Well, first thing I made sure to have was a reusable water bottle that I can drink from and refill. I got this for my birthday and you can find it at Local Fixture in Uptown Whittier. Thanks, Paul & Tina!


In addition to this being a food event, there were also taps from local breweries showcasing their brews.

ohana brewing co. saison spa water

ohana-brewing-co-saison-spa-waterI tried this beer from Ohana Brewing Co. with a new friend that I made at the event We both didn’t like saison’s but come on, who doesn’t like lemongrass & cucumber spa water? So we tried it and loved how crisp and refreshing the beer was! Felt light like a G&T. Seriously.


golden road wolf pupgolden-road-wolf-pup

I ran into another friend at the event and he was drinking this from Golden Road. I decided I’d give it a try and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, to be honest. I mean, I drank it because it wasn’t horrible like Bud Light. The beer was too sour for me and I’m just not a fan of the bitter hoppy flavor.

barley lodpale-to-the-king-barley-lodge-brewingge brewing pale to the king

I tried this beer because I had tried the other brew Barley Lodge Brewing had to offer and I liked it, I’ll talk about that soon. Again, I’m not a fan of pale ale’s and the hoppy taste. It’s just not pleasant to my tongue and I don’t want to describe it because it’s gross to me. Not being critical of this beer, I’m being critical at my taste buds reactions to hops.


barley lodge brewing hibiscus gose

Do you see how empty that glass is? Or rather, how much heavenly nectar I have left? This Hibiscus Gose by Barley Lodge Brewing was the perfect mix of floral, sweet, sour, and hoppy notes. I didn’t mind the flavor at all, in fact I freaking loved it! This brew was very popular among my friends and I because we all enjoy the jamaica flavor that is hibiscus. Great job on this one! I will not say how many I had, but it was worth it.

what did i do?!

What happens at Taps & Tapas stays at Taps & Tapas, right? In all honestly, I was so busy chatting with other citizens of Whittier, dancing with the chef who makes my tacos, and trying great and new things our city has to offer! But for real, if anyone has the video of Santee & me dancing, hmu!!

Check out La Casa del Cocinero by Chef Santee!
Rigo makes amazing margaritas, too!



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