Make Your Own Adventure- DTLA: THE BROAD

What is the best part about going on a DTLA* adventure?

The Metro rail system? The nearby eateries? The arts center? The answer is “all of the above.” This is how I spent my afternoon while visiting The Broad Museum this past week.


I didn’t park in DTLA, so I suggest you don’t park in DTLA. Yes, there may be FREE* street parking after 8 p.m., but we should all try to reduce our carbon footprint and take the Metro!

Eastside to Westside. Northside to Southside.

Eastside to Westside. Northside to Southside.

It does come with a cost, of course. $1.75 per way, so a round trip on the rail line would run you $3.50. PLUS, if you do not have a TAP card you will need to cough up $1. (PS keep it forever and ever. Mine expires in 2025)

My TAP card from 2014 that I still have.

My TAP card from 2014 that I still use.

The closest Metro station to The Broad is Civic Center/ Grand Park. You can get there by either the Red line or the Purple line. When you exit, make your exit towards 1st St. or else you’ll have to walk through to the other side of the park.

Use Google Maps for everything.

Walk from 1st & Hill to The Broad

Beats gas prices, parking fees, and actually finding a parking space.


When you get off the Metro and are walking to your destination*, look up. Look around. Look closely. You are passing by Walt Disney Concert Hall and other cool landmarks!

111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012


The Broad DTLA

Doors open at 11. You can either reserve a ticket online ahead of time or get in line and wait probably 15-45 minutes to go inside. If you are interested in seeing Kusama’s  Infinity Room, make sure you get there before 3:00 p.m. to guarantee your spot. Once you’re in the building, go to the iPad kiosk to the left in front of the Cindy Sherman exhibit and sign in with your name and cell phone number for your spot. You will receive a text message that looks like this. I logged in at 12:14 p.m.

Estimated wait time.

353 minutes?! That’s such a long time! The link will tell you your exact place in line so you can keep an eye on how fast the queue is moving. If you aren’t able to get a reservation, you can come back later in the evening to see if there’s available time. The Broad allows re-entry as long as you still have your ticket with the day’s date on it and close late on the weekends.


Check out the museum! Here are some pieces I liked, but you should see the others.

Ed Ruscha, 1964

Norm’s, La Cienega, on Fire

I...I'm Sorry

I…I’m Sorry


Okay, so I checked the cool little queue link in my confirmation message and was still 112 in line! My friend and I walked over to LemonadeMOCA and got a blood orange lemonade and sat and chatted in the courtyard between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Ahmanson Theatre. We made our way back when I got this message a 3:36 p.m.

10 minute mark.

See, it wasn’t 6 hours! People probably don’t feel like waiting and dip out, the line moves faster that way.


So we got into Kusama’s Infinity Room and I took a bunch of photos.

I take too many selfies.

You only get 45 seconds in the room to view the piece and experience it “for the gram”.


After we got our fill of art for the day, we walked over to Grand Central Market. It took us about 10 minutes, here are different routes.

the broad to gcm

Again, look around. You never know what you’ll see!

Angels Flight



We were craving falafels so we stopped by Madcapra and split a yellow falafel sandwich. Next we ventured to McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream and I got a single with Sea Salt Cream & Cookie. Then, I got a taco de birria* from Tacos Tumbras a Tomas. How did I have room for all of that? Walking around DTLA!

Alright, so that was my DTLA adventure on a beautiful Friday afternoon. I hope this gives you some inspiration to go out and try your own adventure while exploring Downtown Los Angeles.


*DTLA: Downtown Los Angeles.
* I love anything that is free and will always bold and do CAPS lock on that word.
* I hate to say it Angelenos, but we need to walk more.
*birria: goat



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